Frequently Asked Questions

What is SeiSERVER Image Host? How do I use it?
We are a free image hosting solution. What is designed for you to share your digital pictures with friends and family, email, post images on forums, social networking sites, blogs, etc. You can even upload images and post them into your forum Signatures!
How much does the service cost?
This website will always be 100% free! SeiSERVER Image Host is a mostly non-profit service. Should you wish to donate, donations are accepted via PayPal to donate[a-t]
Which image file formats are accepted?
PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD images and photos can be uploaded using our service.
What kinds of pictures will you host for me?
Our service will host any legal image, except for adult-rated images. Any files against the law will be deleted and your info may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Should your image be reported for copyrights, it will be removed immediately.
Why did my .BMP and .PSD images change into a .PNG after uploading?
All Bitmap(.BMP) and Photoshop(.PSD) files are converted to PNG in order to reduce their file size and make them viewable on the web.
Is direct linking allowed?
Yes! We allow "direct linking" (also referred to as "hot linking"). It's best to hotlink to the thumbnails leading to the large images to save on bandwidth as there is a limit of 5 GB of bandwidth per Image/month. If your image becomes popular and requires more bandwidth than the maximum set, a "bandwidth exceeded" image will be displayed in place of your image until the bandwidth period resets.
How long will you store my images?
Barring any unforeseen event, the uploaded images that do not violate our Terms of Service are stored on our server for as long as our service will exist. This is basically forever, however SeiSERVER is a non-profit server, and there for files uploaded may risk unexpected downtime, or removal, should this service suddenly come to an end. Should that happen, your photos will be safely removed.
What is the max filesize limit?
Currently, the maximum file-size per file is 25 MB.
What does marking my photo as "Private" do?
Upon uploading an image, marking it as "Private" will hide your image from showing up in the Gallery for other viewers, and is only visible through the URLs provided after uploading.
Why is there a faint "SeiHOSTED" watermark on my pictures?
In order to keep this service free and to protect your images from unauthorized outside use, we watermark photos which are hot-linked with a barely visible "SeiHOSTED" graphic over all full-sized images.
What can I do to help?
Donations are Accepted via PayPal to Donate[a-t] -- By using SeiServices, you are already doing your part. Thank you!
What becomes of the images I upload?
They will be hosted on SeiSERVER's file storage space for your ease of access at any time. You have the right to remove files from SeiSERVER at any time using the File Delete link that was issued to you at the time of uploading your file, or upon request, should you have lost that link. By uploading an image to SeiSERVER, you forfeit the content uploaded to be used by SeiRruf without requiring the uploaders permission or consent. This means once you upload an image, SeiRruf has the right to do with that image as he pleases. In most cases, this is nothing to worry about. :) You continue to use your image as you desire, as you still hold the rights over the content uploaded.
Have more questions?
Please use the Contact page to e-mail SeiRruf.